240,000 Miles In Small RVs: What I Learned and How Those Things Can Save You Time and Money

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Traveling has become a way of life for Chuck Botts and his wife, Mary. The retirees average more than 10,000 miles per year, using the freedom provided by their RV to explore North America via its highways and byways. They are not alone. With Baby Boomers beginning to retire at an average rate of more than 4 million per year, RV sales are expected to increase. Some will travel full time, while others will split their time between their home and an RV.


About Chuck Botts

Chuck Botts has spent 40 years turning new ideas and concepts into reality, finding success in eight different technologies. Chuck, a certified machinist with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, completely remodeled his 1977 RV with modern equipment.



Over the past 24 years, my wife and I averaged over 10,000 miles of travel per year, enjoying the freedom to explore North America both on and off the major highways. We no longer go into Mexico because the country’s drug wars endanger travelers.

We selected pieces from our written journals, which are now in 12 linear feet of our bookshelves. They are in 8 1/2” X 11” photo albums.


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